Couldn’t you take the second bus home?
Couldn’t you just take me with you?

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when someone reblogs yr post…… and their icon is yr hand holding the “emo trash” cd



whenever non-vegans try to make a point about the awful conditions of workers who harvest sugar cane and vegetables… like, you eat those things too? you contribute to that shit just as much as vegans do? drop the holier-than-thou shit.

oh, and do you think that working in a slaughterhouse is a walk in the park? because I have some news for you and I can spell it out in four letters: P, T, S, and D.

people sure do seem to get fired up about farm workers’ exploitation whenever a vegan is around

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just because they’ll love you anyways
doesn’t mean they forget everything you say

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I want to fall in love
but I don’t love anybody
And soon, there will be nobody
who will want to fall in love with me
And I’m afraid I don’t care, I’m afraid I don’t care

I hate growing up

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Tourist With A Typewriter // Studying

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I am mesmerized by boys who wear their hair in buns

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Glocca Morra - Ya’ll Boots Hats (Die Angry)

I remember you were moving back home
I remember coming home all alone
I’ll be dying angry
I need to get out of the city

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don’t disappoint your dogs

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